Vision Plan Complete

Vision Plan Complete

We did it! Christian County Vision 2030 is complete, and ready for download — click here to see the Vision Plan.  We are grateful to everyone who shared their ideas along the way and, of course, to the many partners who have agree to implement the many actions it will take to bring our shared vision to life.

What is Christian County Vision 2030?

Christian County Vision 2030 is both a process and a product. The process: engaging with people who live, work, learn and play here to better understand our community’s potential and opportunities. The product: a shared community vision and action plan for achieving identified community priorities. The ultimate goal: to develop a community plan by and for the people who call Christian County home today and those who will want to call this home in the years ahead.

Visioning Background

Christian County has engaged in visioning on two prior occasions: Hopkinsville-Christian County Vision Plan (2005-2015) and a more recent vision plan update (2015-2020). Many positive outcomes have been achieved through visioning. But we can do even better.

We want to engage as many people as possible, from every walk of life. We want to hear from all voices on any and every topic that matters to you. We want to build this new community plan together so that it reflects our community as a whole.

We also want to create a sustainable community partner network that can and will help us solve our most pressing challenges and take advantage of our most important assets. We want to know how YOU think the greater Hopkinsville-Christian County area should look, feel and function in the future.

Christian County Vision Success Stories

  • High school graduation rate raised to 93% (2017)
  • $4.3M grant to develop career pathway training
  • New programs to teach soft skills training
  • Growing library investment and users
  • Renovated Museum and Alhambra Theater
  • Increasing representation of minorities and women on public boards
  • Youth destinations: Skate park, Tie Breaker Teen Night and Sportsplex
  • Youth leadership: Mayor’s Youth Council, Leadership Program, HYPE, Internships
  • Community brand enhanced via eclipse event (90% said they would visit again)
  • Eclipse = 116K visitors, $30M new revenue
  • Hopkinsville Transit ridership doubled in 2 years
  • 3 miles of sidewalks installed
  • GIG City, other initiatives to grow internet access
  • Decrease in unemployment; increase in payroll
  • Shop Local campaigns
  • New shopping centers

Who is Coordinating This?

The Christian County Chamber of Commerce is coordinating this initiative with generous donations from:

  • Planters Bank
  • Walmart Distribution
  • Hopkinsville Water Environment Authority
  • Heritage Bank
  • Sisk Auto Mall
  • Hopkinsville Electric System
  • Atmos Energy
  • Jennie Stuart Medical Center
  • Higgins Insurance
  • City of Hopkinsville
  • Christian County Government

Primary Sponsors

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